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Looking for a design to call your own?


We can shape, design and deliver boards to your specification


Delivery of you gear is paramount to us


We personalise deliveries to ensure it is still factory fresh

About Us

UK Distribution has been set up for SMIK with one sole intention. We want to provide access to the highest performance boards that arrive with you, our customer in perfect condition and with the highest attention to quality. We have set distribution up on our terms and are not under pressure to sell more boards than the next man, that simply is not our goal. What we do strive for is that every board owner walks away smiling having been dealt with correctly and with their expectations met.

We have staked our position on the beach and key commitments to you are as follows;


The SMIK range is made using market-leading technology and construction methods
To ensure this reaches you, we personally visit the factory and inspect our bulk board shipments before they are loaded.


All incoming shipments to the UK are inspected.
Not just from looking at the box or a selected sample but every board. When you receive a board from SMIK Distribution in the UK, you will notice that the internal packaging is cut open and signed by whoever inspected the board. This way there are no surprises for yourself. We know the quality is good, specification correct, the board is without damage and the fins are in the box before we personally hand you the board.


We do not use couriers! 
We’ve been there, done that and have the broken boards to prove it. We know if you are buying a SMIK board, you have made a very deliberate and thought through decision. You didn’t rush it and neither will we by handing your prized possession to somebody who just sees it as a box. Our boards are available through select watersports retails to whom they are hand delivered or can be ordered directly on this website.


Personal hand delivery.
With direct orders placed on this website we will treat each order individually and contact you personally. We offer the option to collect the board from ourselves in Exeter for no cost or to have the board delivered. If delivery is selected we will offer the most cost effective option of combining with other deliveries in your region. Cost of the delivery trip is simply split between the customers on each run. This might mean waiting a week or two for a run to come your way. Should you require a quicker solution or we do not have a run planned in your direction we will offer an individual delivery. This can be to your door or meeting half way for example if you wish to save costs. It is how we do things and we proudly differentiate ourselves from our competition.


Delivery Option.
Where delivery is selected, you will not be able to pay for your purchase until we have personally contacted you and quoted your delivery solution. Instead your order just reserves the board from our stock. Once we have spoken and you are happy with the delivery solution we will take your payment.


Our stock is live.
If you see it listed on our website to be purchased then it is here in our warehouse, checked and ready to be sold.


Our prices are set to be fair and they are non-negotiable.
We believe in our products plus the service we offer and it comes at a cost. We are confident when you experience this first hand you will feel value for your money.