How we deliver

We want to supply you with your new SMIK board and understand it is an important delivery for you. The fact is big boards get damaged with couriers far too often. Therefore we will never use a courier to deliver your board. When you check out your SMIK purchase you will be given two options;

  • Click ‘Make your purchase with collection’. There is no charge for this service and upon receiving your order and payment we will make contact within 24hrs to arrange a time for you to collect from our Exeter warehouse.
  • Click ‘Send me a quote with shippingin the payment section. This option will reserve your board until we make personal contact within 24hrs. No payment will be taken until we have arranged a delivery solution with you and agreed costs. We will brain storm with you the best solution. We are travelling around the UK regularly making deliveries to our retailers and other private customers such as you. Where possible we will combine deliveries and split costs transparently and fairly. You will be provided a bespoke quote. The most cost effective solution might mean waiting a week or two. Should you require a more urgent delivery, we can accommodate this but please be aware costs will increase where other deliveries are not being combined. We are flexible and want you to have your board when you require. Should you want to be creative and meet us in a service station half way, we will always aim to accommodate.

At the point of handover, whether this is with you collecting or us delivering, we will unwrap your board and ask you to inspect the board. We don’t wheelspin off leaving you to call a faceless call centre to report any issues. It is a personal service and only when you give us the thumbs up, do we wave you a fond farewell.

Need more info or have any questions about shipping?