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Hipster Twin Pin

£1,449.00£1,499.00 inc VAT

  • The Hipster Twin Wood/EPS features a lightweight EPS core with a wood sandwich deck to offer a premium construction with a surprisingly competitive price for such performance.
  • Colour is resin infused, providing extra chip resistance on the rails over conventionally painted boards.
  • 2 + 1 fin set up in performance glass fins.

Built on the ethos that high performance shouldn’t mean hard to use, the Hipster Twin will have you squeezing every drop of fun out of your SUP Surf sessions. A true performance wave SUP board that wants to flatter you.

It’s almost impossible not to notice the performance that’s evolved from twin fins in the surfing world. The Hipster twin was born from the thought that a twin fin would be perfect for a SUP, helping to loosen things up a bit.

Now the best selling performance SUP in Australia and with a cult following around the World, and multiple best in test reviews. Try and find someone who has ridden one who doesn’t want to tell you how great they are!

With its fuller nose and moderately compact shape, the Hipster Twin allows you to go shorter with added stability and glide. It doesn’t feel awkward to paddle over large distances.

The single concave feeds through a double and releases to a V out the tail to give a frictionless sensation of acceleration and drive coming out of a turn. Rail to rail transitions are some of the smoothest experienced, and the way the Hipster Twin feeds up the face makes everything seem easier.

It just feels like there’s a lot less drag, which equates to a sensation of speed. You really notice it when you put the board on rail and see it accelerate.

All of this results in longer surfs just because you’re having way too much fun. It’s as simple as that.

Board Size

7'8" x 28.5" 98L, 7'10" x 29.5" 109L, 8'0" x 30.5" 118L, 8'3" x 31" 123L, 8'6" x 31.5" 132L, 8'10" x 32" 145L

1 review for Hipster Twin Pin

  1. Nigel Heath Hipster Twin 7’8″ Owner

    It’s an amazing board picks up on even small waves so easily, especially considering how small the board is. I put that down to the volume being more in the nose. It’s also very forgiving on the bottom turns didn’t catch a rail the board seems to compensate. it’s the first board I’ve used that lives up to the hype.

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